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Steve Hodges, M.D.


Pediatric urologist at Wake Forest University Medical Center, father of three girls, fan of childish humor


Dr. Hodges is a bit of a goofball, so naturally he enjoyed the movie American Pie, in which a teenager holds his poop all day to avoid using the school toilets. One of the kid’s so-called friends solves this problem in a prank involving a bottle of laxatives and a mochaccino, and the scene is pretty darned funny. But from where Dr. Hodges sits during his day job, he doesn’t think it’s funny at all.


Dr. Hodges wants the world to know: We have a nation of kids who are either too grossed out, afraid, or embarrassed to poop or pee at school. Because of this — and because kids are often rushed into potty training and served way too much highly processed food — we have an epidemic of childhood toileting problems. But, with the right treatment, these problems can be solved!


Dr. Hodges has made toileting issues the heart of his research and medical practice. He is the author of numerous scientific journal articles and the developer of Dr. Soother's Healthy Wipes. Dr. Hodges sees 3,000 patients a year at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Most of them have wetting problems caused by constipation that had gone unrecognized or undertreated. Dr. Hodges also offers limited consultations via FaceTime or Skype.


What Dr. Hodges loves:

  • food-related analogies for the ideal consistency of poop, including Nutella, pudding, milkshakes, and hummus

  • preschools and summer camps that welcome kids in pull-ups

  • Project CLEAN, the school bathroom initiative run by Dr. Tom Keating

  • Phineas and Ferb

Suzanne Schlosberg


Parenting and health writer, mother of twin boys, avid bike commuter and lousy driver


On a mission to achieve a diaper-free household, Suzanne enlisted her twin boys, at age 24 months, in a hair-brained potty-training boot camp; the consequences are chronicled in a video, "How I Screwed Up (Royally) By Potty Training My Twins Too Soon." To undo the damage, Suzanne followed Dr. Hodges' approach.


Suzanne is a longtime health and parenting writer who specializes in translating clinical mumbo jumbo into stuff people actually want to read. The author or co-author of 18 books, including The Curse of the Singles Table, she also manages and its publishing arm, O'Regan Press. Her website is


Suzanne lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, Paul the Computer Guy, and sons, Toby and Ian. When she's not working, she's chasing her 10-year-olds down the ski slopes or on the mountain-bike trails. But it’s hopeless — she can’t catch them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


What Suzanne loves:


Cristina Acosta


Artist, illustrator, creator of the best enema illustration ever



Cristina is a painter and designer known for her lyrical artistry and bold use of color. The author and illustrator of Paint Happy and illustrator of When Woman Became the Sea, Cristina has taught painting, drawing, and design.


Cristina also designs home decor and contributes to interior-design magazines. Though Cristina’s daughter is longpast potty accidents, Cristina is excited to help children grow upconfident and healthy. Cristina divides her time between Palm Springs, California, and Bend, Oregon. Her website is




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