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M.O.P. for Ages 3 to 10

Parents often tell us, "My 4-year-old is pee trained but not poop trained." Or, "My 8-year-old still isn't night-time potty trained."

In reality, these kids are trained. Accidents, whether daytime or nighttime, have nothing to do with "training" or stress or wilful behavior. Enuresis (wetting) and encopresis (poop accidents) are caused by chronic constipation.


No amount of training or bribery will help, because accidents are out of these kids' control. The enlarged, stool-stuffed rectum is pressing against and aggravating the bladder nerves. In the case of encopresis, the stretched rectum has lost tone and sensation, so poop just drops out of the child's bottom, without the child even noticing.

You cannot assume a child will just "outgrow" these conditions. In fact, we work with so many teenagers who have enuresis and/or encopresis that we started a support group just for parents ages 11+.

What makes accidents stop? The enlarged rectum must be cleared out on a daily basis for several months, allowing it to shrink back to size, regain tone, and sensation, and stop bothering the bladder.

That's what M.O.P. accomplishes.

This 30-second video explains why M.O.P. works.

The Anthology provides detailed instructions on implementing M.O.P.

Where to Begin

1. Read our FAQ about M.O.P.

2. Read this article: Why Even the “Nuclear” Option Can’t Replace Enemas.

3. Read the M.O.P. Anthology.

4. Read Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault with your child.

5. Join our private M.O.P. support group.

Our most popular children's book assures kids that accidents are quite common and never their fault.


2 paperback versions of the

M.O.P. Anthology on amazon:

Full Color
M.O.P. Anthology Full Color on Amazon


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Black & White
M.O.P. Anthology Black and White Version


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