When to X-Ray a Child for Constipation

​The other day an Aussie mum emailed asking if I’d look at an abdominal X-ray of her 12-year-old son, who has been wetting the bed for years. “The doctor didn’t seem to think there was any blockage,” she wrote. I looked at the X-ray and saw an abnormally large — and very obvious — mass of stool in the rectum. I felt like drawing a bright red circle around it and asking the doctor: “How do you explain this?” Actually, the explanation is simple: Many doctors, unfamiliar with the constipation-wetting connection, don’t know what they’re looking for. Other doctors won’t even agree to X-ray their enuresis patients. As one mom, Shawn Thayer Shumate, posted on the It's No Accident Facebook page: “My

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