What You Need to Know About Your Child's Poop

Do you know if your child is pooping pellets, logs, or bumpy sausages? You should! Because those variations of poop, all of them firm and formed, indicate a child is constipated. If, on the other hand, child’s poop resembles mushy blobs, thin snakes, or soft-serve ice cream, all is well. Pudding, a fresh cow patty, hummus — all good, too! What many parents don’t realize is that the consistency of poop is a far more reliable indicator of constipation than frequency. (Poop size is helpful, too; XXL toilet-cloggers are a big red flag.) Parents often assume that children who poop daily are not constipated. Google “constipation” and you’ll find the most common definition is “having a bowel move

Dosing MiraLAX for Your Constipated Child

For resolving bedwetting and accidents, there is no doubt daily enemas work far better than MiraLax. Doctors who push MiraLax because they consider enemas “too aggressive” or a “last resort” are steering patients in the wrong direction. But MiraLax can help. I consider laxatives such MiraLax (generically called P.E.G. 3350) an important adjunct to M.O.P., the daily enema protocol that resolves bedwetting and accidents. MiraLax is also useful for children who are chronically constipated but who are not having accidents and children who have “graduated” from M.O.P. but aren’t out of the woods. (Constipation has a way of creeping back.) Yes, I am well aware of the controversy over MiraLax safet

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