What To Do If Your Child is Constipated (Hint: Treat Aggressively)

If you know your child is constipated, you’re ahead of the game! As I often note, the signs of a clogged rectum are not well known, and they tend to be overlooked by parents and physicians alike. But once you spot constipation, how should you go about resolving it? Aggressively. Even when constipation is detected by doctors, it’s almost always undertreated. I can’t count how many parents have told me they were instructed to give their severely constipated child a small daily dose of MiraLAX. That’s like putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound! Constipation in children is often perceived as a one-time occurrence or a minor ongoing nuisance. In reality, it’s usually a chronic problem — and one th

7 Myths About Kids and Constipation

If your child was chronically constipated, would you know it? You might think, “Of course!” Yet chronic and severe constipation often goes undetected in children. This is a big deal, since constipation is by far the top cause of belly pain, bedwetting, pee accidents, and poop accidents–conditions that are epidemic among children in Westernized countries. Even when constipation is noticed, it’s often undertreated, so belly pain and accidents (conditions that are totally fixable!) linger unnecessarily. Here are seven persistent myths about constipation that prevent many kids from receiving the treatment they need: Myth #1: The key sign of constipation is infrequent pooping. REALITY: The top tw

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