5 Ways to Disagree With Your Doctor About Bedwetting Treatment

Enemas are not a popular bedwetting treatment — no question there! And X-raying children for constipation is not a common practice. It’s tough for me to persuade my own colleagues that enemas work much better than MiraLAX and that X-rays are warranted for enuresis patients. I recently attended the American Academy of Pediatrics international conference in San Francisco and talked to hundreds of pediatricians. While most most agreed constipation can cause bedwetting, quite a number were unaware of this fact, and a few considered bedwetting primarily a psychological problem. Very few doctors I spoke with used X-rays to diagnose constipation — most relied on exams and parent reports. And none h

The Real Reason Some Kids Pee All the Time (No, Not to Get Attention!)

Recently on Quora, a mom posted this question: My daughter's 1st-grade teacher refused to let her use the restroom. The request to use the restroom was made 3 times before my girl wet herself. Should we talk to the teacher? The overwhelming response was: yes! Of course you need to speak to the teacher. I certainly agree and have written plenty about how school bathroom restrictions damage children’s bladders and bowels. But that’s not my topic today. Instead, I’ll address some misinformation offered in a response posted by a preschool teacher. Suggesting the 1st-grader might have been faking the need to pee, she wrote: I have a student who will literally (I kept a tally) ask to use the bathr

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