The M.O.P. Book: The Only Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting and Accidents

Back in 2011, when It’s No Accident was published, I was still advocating MiraLAX as a reasonable alternative to enemas for fixing bedwetting and accidents. I have since changed my mind. Enemas work so much better that I no longer recommend the laxative clean-out route. In fact, in recent years I’ve changed my mind or refined my thinking on many issues related to the treatment of enuresis (wetting) and encopresis (poop accidents). Having treated thousands more patients, I know so much more than I used to! You’ll find my updated recommendations in The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition, which replaces the first edition of The M.O.P. Book (which, itself, replaced It's No Accident). I’m so excited

Why 1 Million Girls a Year Get UTIs

This week I saw a 7-year-old patient who’s had four urinary tract infections in the last six months and was referred to me by her pediatrician. The girl also wets the bed, but her parents didn’t consider the issues related and were baffled by their daughter’s UTIs. “I don’t know why she keeps getting them,” her mom told me. “She wipes from front to back, she takes showers instead of baths, and she doesn’t drink soda.” There are a lot of myths bundled into that one sentence! I ordered an abdominal X-ray for the girl, as I always do for recurrent-UTI patients, and was hardly surprised at what the film showed: Her rectum is clogged with stool. I explained to the mom and her daughter that the tw

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