Is Miralax Poisoning Children?

My phone buzzes after every media report suggesting Miralax triggers psychiatric problems in children. Most of my patients are severely constipated (constipation is what causes bedwetting and accidents, my area of specialty), and most take Miralax, as an adjunct to other treatments. So their parents are, understandably, alarmed when they hear — via TV or newspaper — that Miralax has triggered rage, aggression, phobias, anxieties, and mood swings in children who have taken this popular laxative. In a TV interview, one member of the Parents Against Miralax Facebook group said the makers of Miralax are "poisoning our children.” Are they? Here's what I think: Miralax and its generic equivalents

43% of Parents "Angry" About Bedwetting

My patients who wet the bed have a distinct disadvantage over the children I treat for other medical problems, like kidney infections or hernias: They’re often blamed for their condition. Nearly every day I hear a parent say, “I’m pretty sure he’s being lazy — he could get up in the night to pee if he wanted to.” Many parents simply don’t believe their children are asleep when they wet their sheets. So I wasn’t surprised to read a new study, published in the Journal of Pediatric Urology, that found 43% of parents surveyed “reacted with anger” to their child’s bedwetting. In this study, only 33% of parents reacted “positively,” offering comfort and encouragement. About 27% of the parents reac

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