Huggies' Pull-Ups Campaign Will Boost Sales — And Constipation

According to the Wall Street Journal, Huggies has launched a campaign to promote earlier potty training, reportedly so parents will speed up the switch to Pull-Ups, which cost twice as much as diapers. From a medical perspective, this is a terrible idea. But from a marketing perspective, it’s genius. In fact, this campaign will work better than Huggies ever imagined, because children trained earlier are more likely to develop enuresis (daytime pee accidents and bedwetting) and encopresis (poop accidents). And since kids who have accidents need daytime and nighttime protection, Huggies — and its parent company, Kimberley-Clark — will score big-time. More 5-year-olds will have to wear Pull-Ups

Daily Enemas Are Really, Truly Safe for Constipated Children

I’ve spent half my career advocating a bedwetting treatment many doctors find appalling: one enema per day for at least a month, before tapering to every other day for a month and then twice a week for a third month. That’s the heart of the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.), named for pediatric kidney specialist Sean O’Regan, M.D. Dr. O’Regan pioneered this treatment in Montreal in the 1980s, tracked his patients’ results in an excellent series of published studies, and treated hundreds and hundreds of Canadian children with the regimen before he switched to treating adults. I’ve treated well over 2,000 patients with the protocol myself, and medically speaking, I’ve had the same experience

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