A Squatty Potty for Kids: Potty Pets Can Help Resolve Chronic Constipation

“But my daughter can’t be constipated — she poops every day!” That’s what I often hear from parents when I explain why their child is wetting the bed or having daytime pee or poop accidents: the child is constipated. Big time. Most parents of chronically constipated children have no idea their child is backed up, because folks equate “constipation” with “infrequent pooping.” In reality, constipation is about incomplete emptying. Many severely constipated children poop every day. The problem is, they don’t fully evacuate. So stool piles up in the rectum, forming a large mass. This mass not only can cause stomach aches but also stretches the rectum — often to twice its normal diameter, as my p

No, Enemas for Childhood Constipation Are Not Abusive — They Can Give Kids Their Lives Back

I can’t count the number of parents who’ve told me, “Our doctor says enemas are abusive and we should stop immediately.” In fact, several parents have told me they worry their doctor, or even other parents, will report them to child protective services for following an enema regimen. One mom in our private Facebook support group posted that she was “scared to death in the pediatrician's office that they are going to call CPS.” This mom was successfully following the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.) with her son, against the wishes of her son’s physician. Another mom had sung the praises of enemas in a post to a different Facebook support group, only to delete that post after a parent warne

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