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Notice patterns and track
your child's progress on
M.O.P. or M.O.P.+!
The M.O.P. Book (PDF)
•Bedwetting And Accidents Aren't Your Fault (PDF)
52 Answers to Common Questions About M.O.P.: Helpful posts from the private M.O.P. Facebook community" (PDF)
•2-minute animated video
•M.O.P. Tracker

Do It Yourself Program

The DIY Package (New)


What You're Buying

•52 Answers to Common Questions About M.O.P.: Helpful Posts from the Private M.O.P. Facebook community. This PDF is a useful substitute for folks who prefer not to join our support group. It's a collection of the questions that surface most often in our group and includes answers not just from Dr. Hodges but also from parents. The real value in this PDF is the variety of perspectives from the parents, as kids respond very differently to the same treatments. Read more here.
•2-minute animated video: This fun, upbeat, educational video — sponsored in part by Mayo Clinic, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals, and James Sander, M.D. of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance — teaches parents and children how constipation causes bedwetting, daytime pee accidents, and poop accidents. It's a terrific companion to Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault. Watch the rectum stretch and the bladder hiccup!
•M.O.P. Tracker: A PDF you can print out and use to track your child's progress on M.O.P. or M.O.P.+. Includes five 30-day calendars and instructions on what to track and how to interpret the results. Use it on your own or in conjunction with your medical provider to assess if and when you may need to alter your regimen.