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Our course is available at!

“I walked in to our doctor’s appointment feeling incredibly well prepared thanks to this course."

“I have been hesitant to start M.O.P. for almost two months now, but after taking the course, I no longer feel scared.”


— mom of a 7-year-old boy

Learn about the Modified O'Regan Protocol

at your own pace and in as much depth as you want.


Review the entire curriculum here.

Introductory price: $89.00

Five Videos!


Dr. Hodges speaks to your child and the whole family!
Videos include:

•An Introduction for Parents

•From Dr. Hodges to Your Child

•Yes, M.O.P. is Safe!

•Enemas, Laxatives, and Stools, Oh My: Supplies for M.O.P.

•When M.O.P. Isn't Enough: Introducing M.O.P.+

PLUS, a 2-minute animated video co-sponsored by Mayo Clinic and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals

Everything Dr. Hodges knows about M.O.P. — all in one place!

The course brings together content from The M.O.P. Book, dozens of blog posts, discussions from our Facebook support group, our guides, our tracking calendars for parents and kids, supporting scientific studies, and lots more!
We've saved you hours and hours of research by compiling the most useful, important, and up-to-date content from all our materials.
Preview the Curriculum!

Four Books!


Enrolled students can download our three children's books as well as our ebook.


"The step-by-step processes for each type of MOP, the supply lists, and the anecdotes from other families going through the same struggles were the most valuable parts of the course for me."

"I think most families will be implementing the regimen without full support of their pediatrician, so having all the info to troubleshoot as we go along is incredibly helpful.”

"My daughter paid a lot of attention to the part in the video about other kids struggling with the same problem but not talking about it at school. It helped reinforce the message that this is a common problem and that we can work together to get her dry."

"I have spent a lot of time reading about constipation and M.O.P., and I still learned new information. Plus, it was great to have everything in one place."

“I love the course! It's so nice to have everything just right in one place. And I found the site and format really easy to use.”

"Such an empowering, educational resource!”

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