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Potty train in 3 days! Potty train your kiddo ASAP! In a weekend! In an afternoon! Potty train before age 2! Avoid diapers and train from birth!

Our culture gets potty training exactly wrong.

This emphasis on speed leads to chronic constipation, which can plague kids for years and lead to bedwetting, daytime pee accidents and poop accidents.

*Our potty-training charts are free to anyone who has purchased The Pre-M.O.P. Plan. To access these .PDFs for free, email your receipt or a photo of your book to

Doing it right is more

important than doing it fast.

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How set your child up for a lifetime of healthy toileting habits:


Educate yourself.


Read The Pre-M.O.P. Plan


Educate your child.

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Read Jane and the Giant Poop together, so your child recognizes healthy poops!


Watch for red flags.

Potty Training Chart Cover.png
Weekly Potty Chart Cover.png

Use our unique potty-training charts!


Buy a tall stool.


The Potty Pets work great!

Potty Training Downloads


Search “potty training chart” online, and you’ll find loads of colorful charts designed to motivate and reward children with stickers, stars, and prizes.

You won’t find charts like that here!

Our two toilet-training charts — one monthly and one weekly — are designed for parents, not children. And they have a different purpose: to help you detect signs of withholding poop and pee, so you can nip these problems in the bud.

The charts are explained in detail in Part 6 of The Pre-M.O.P. Plan.

Try both charts, and see which format suits your family best!


Letter to preschool directors & teachers

Feeling pressured by your school's potty-training deadline? 


Or, is your child having accidents at preschool?


Download Dr. Hodges’ letter to preschool directors and teachers!

Pre-M.O.P. Letter

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