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Search Launches New Video, M.O.P Tracker, and Private Facebook Group

Back in 2010, while researching It’s No Accident, I tracked down Dr. Sean O’Regan, the doctor who first demonstrated, in the 1980s, that bedwetting and accidents are caused by constipation — and that daily enemas resolve these issues.

Dr. O’Regan was a crotchety interview. He patiently answered my questions about his research, but he felt certain my book would be soundly ignored, just as his groundbreaking studies had been.

Dr. O’Regan was right — and he was wrong.

When It’s No Accident was published, well, it did not exactly shoot to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list! And yet, our book and our website have gradually found an audience.

Every day I receive emails from parents asking for advice, for a second opinion on an X-ray, for guidance on following M.O.P., for help when a child has been suspended from school for accidents.

My co-author, Suzanne Schlosberg, and I do our best to respond promptly! But at this point, we can’t keep up with the email we receive.

And so, we are launching a series of packages you can purchase to receive the advice and access you need — promptly.

These packages include some very cool stuff — including an animated video and a unique M.O.P. tracking calendar — that we’ve worked hard to create.

You can find the details on our new Pricing page, but I will summarize them here.

First, however, please note that our current infographics will remain downloadable for free. You also can access a free summary of M.O.P. — the Modified O’Regan Protocol — on our Downloads page. (The summary is called M.O.P. in a Nutshell.)

With these materials in hand, a parent or medical professional should have the basic information necessary to resolve a child’s bedwetting or accidents.

So what are we charging for? A lot of helpful extras!

Here’s a rundown of our new offerings, one by one. On our Pricing page, you can see the various groupings, titled Do It Yourself, Medical Review, and Full Access. Prices range from $68 to $268.

•Access to a closed, private FB page

We’ve created a private support group that is already proving to be very helpful, both for the members and for me. I am answering questions on this page daily. Click here for details on the page, including the topics being discussed.

When you purchase access to our new Facebook group, you will be manually added as a member. (You will receive an email from us upon purchasing.) The public cannot see any aspect of this page, including posts or members. On our current Facebook page, we will continue to post articles and items of interest, as we have done since 2011.

•A 2-minute animated video

If you own our children’s book, Bedwetting and Accidents Aren’t Your Fault, you are familiar with Cristina Acosta’s amazing illustrations. Our fun, upbeat video brings these illustrations to life! Parents and children can watch the bladder hiccup and the rectum stretch and then shrink back to size!

The video, a condensed version of the children’s book, explains how constipation causes bedwetting, daytime pee accidents, and poop accidents. It is a terrific companion to the book and is appropriate for children of all ages who have enuresis or encopresis. M.O.P. is not mentioned in this video.

We are thrilled that the video is co-sponsored Mayo Clinic, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals, and pediatric urologist James Sander, M.D., of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Texas.

•M.O.P. tracking calendar

Do you wonder if M.O.P. is really working for your child? Sometimes signs of improvement are subtle and suggest you should stay the course, even when wetting persists; in other cases, a child is simply getting nowhere and needs to switch to high-volume enemas.

You can print out My M.O.P. Calendar: A Day-by-Day Enema Tracker to monitor your child's progress on M.O.P. or M.O.P.+.

The tracker will help you notice patterns and decide when to taper from daily enemas or when to try something new. If your child relapses, you’ll have clues as to why and can proceed accordingly.

The packet includes five 30-day calendars and instructions on what to track and how to interpret the results. Use it on your own or in conjunction with your medical provider.

•Medical review

If your doctor is not experienced in reading X-rays for constipation or you want a second opinion, you can email me the X-ray and receive a prompt reply. I will also review your child's medical records and offer advice, via email, on next steps.

Our guide When to X-ray a Child for Constipation will remain free.

•30-minute Facetime or phone consultation

I will continue to offer these consultations. Details are on the Consult with Dr. Hodges page.

We are particularly excited about our new video and the M.O.P. tracker and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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