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13 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Enemas

March 3, 2020

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STOP Bedwetting Forever With M.O.P.: An Online Course to Help Your Child

February 15, 2018


I’m always fine-tuning my treatment approach for bedwetting and accidents.


Based on feedback from patients and parents, I’ve made numerous changes to the Modified O’Regan Protocol — for example, introducing Double M.O.P. (oil-retention enemas) and extending the recommended dryness period before tapering, from 5 days to at least 7 days.


Changes like these are a big reason I created an online course, STOP Bedwetting Forever with M.O.P., via Updating a book every month would be cumbersome and prohibitively expensive, but Teachable makes it easy to revise the lessons in a timely manner.


The course will always reflect my most current thinking on the treatment of enuresis and encopresis.


But having access to the most up-to-date information is not the only reason to take this course! Here are some others.


•You get to hear it all from the horse’s mouth.


Well, my mouth. The package includes five short videos, in which I look into the camera and assure your family: Yes, M.O.P. is the best way to treat enuresis and encopresis. Yes, daily enemas are safe. And, most importantly: Accidents are never, ever a child’s fault. (That’s the video specifically aimed at children.)


I’m better at practicing medicine than I am at talking in front of a camera — that’s for sure! But I shot these videos because parents have told me it’s more reassuring to watch someone talk than it is to read the same information in print.


If your spouse is skeptical that enemas are safe or if your child needs encouragement from the doctor himself, you’ll find the videos helpful. One mom who took the course told me: “My daughter paid a lot of attention to the part in the video about other kids struggling with the same problem but not talking about it at school. It helped reinforce the message that this is a common problem and that we can work together to get her dry.”


You’ll find the list of videos on our website’s Online Course page.


•You’ll save loads of time searching for information.


The course pulls together the most useful and important content from all our materials, including The M.O.P. Book, dozens of blog posts, discussions from our Facebook support group, our guides, our tracking calendars for parents and kids, supporting scientific studies, and plenty more.


As one mom who took the course commented, “I have spent a lot of time reading about constipation and M.O.P., and I still learned new information. Plus, it was great to have everything in one place."


We’ve compiled a library of Most Popular Downloads, so you can find the charts and lists you’re looking for at a glance, and throughout the course, we’ve included relevant personal experiences from M.O.P. families.


One mom wrote: "The step-by-step processes for each type of M.O.P., the supply lists, and the anecdotes from other families going through the same struggles were the most valuable parts of the course for me."


You can preview the entire curriculum here.


•You’ll have the confidence to implement M.O.P. on your own — or to discuss the protocol knowledgeably with your doctor.


Most families in our support group follow M.O.P. without their doctor’s blessing, usually because their doctor considers enemas “too aggressive.” (Of course, none of the doctor’s preferred treatments have worked!) Going against your doctor’s wishes is never easy, but having taken this course, you will feel confident that the protocol is safe, and you will know how to troubleshoot the inevitable difficulties.


One mom who took the course wrote: “I have been hesitant to start M.O.P. for almost two months now, but I after taking the course, I no longer feel scared.”


If you’re lucky enough to have your doctor on board, the course will give you the confidence to talk knowledgeably with medical professionals. As one mom wrote: “I walked in to our doctor’s appointment feeling incredibly well prepared thanks to this course. It provided me with some excellent tips on talking to doctor and my kid. I walked out of there with a KUB order, including rectal diameter, and a script for lactulose.”


KUB is the type of X-ray we use to detect constipation; lactulose is a prescription osmotic laxative that many parents prefer over Miralax.


We explain it all in the course!


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Get Dr. Hodges' updated recommendations for treating bedwetting and accidents!

The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition teaches you to implement the Modified O'Regan Protocol with confidence. Get your child on the path to dryness!

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