Pre-M.O.P. is a regimen that resolves chronic constipation in babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. Pre-M.O.P. is also appropriate for potty-training youngsters who are struggling to poop on the toilet.

Pre-M.O.P. involves laxatives and suppositories. The protocol is designed to prevent very young children with chronic constipation from later developing enuresis (wetting) and/or encopresis (poop accidents).

The premise behind Pre-M.O.P. is simple: Act early, and you can save your child from years of discomfort, distress, and damaged self-esteem, and save yourself from the financial and emotional costs of treating enuresis and encopresis in your child.

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Pre-M. O. P. Plan: How to Resolve Constipation in Babies and Toddlers

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The Pre-M.O.P. Plan: How to Resolve Constipation in Babies & Toddlers


Use this handy chart to track your child on Pre-M.O.P. Part 5 of The Pre-M.O.P. Plan explains why monitoring is helpful and includes tracking samples.

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