Miralax, Magnesium Citrate, Enemas, and Suppositories: Your Questions Answered

I receive questions every day about all the different children's laxative products on the market. The array of products is confusing! Folks want to know: What's the difference between liquid glycerin suppositories and solid glycerin suppositories? What's the best substitute for Miralax? Here's a roundup of questions I've received lately, some of them via email and some via our private Facebook support group. Q: Our pediatrician said Miralax is not effective when mixed in milk — that it must be mixed with clear liquid such as water or juice. Is this true? A: Miralax works fine in milk. Just do some extra mixing, because the powder doesn’t dissolve as easily in milk as it does in clear liquids

Jane and the Giant Poop: A Hilarious Book for Constipated Kids

I once had a bedwetting patient whose giant poops clogged the toilet so often that her folks established a rule: summon Mom or Dad before you flush, so an adult can stand ready with a plunger. Once, her parents even had to cut the poop down to size with a butcher knife. I am not making this up! It’s stories like these — and I hear lots of them — that inspired me to collaborate with Suzanne Schlosberg and artist Cristina Acosta on our children’s new book, Jane and the Giant Poop. When parents tell me about their kids’ XXL toilet cloggers, they are stunned to learn that 1.) so much poop can be hiding in a child so small, 2.) giant poops are the number-one sign of constipation, and 3.) constipa

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