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Facebook Support Groups

$68 for the first month and $34 a month thereafter.
We have groups for 3 age ranges!
Yes, you can join multiple groups for one price. See FAQ.
  • Total privacy. Our groups are hidden + not searchable by the public.

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Hodges.

  • Post questions and x-rays, and receive answers within 24 hours.

  • Empathy and advice from parents experienced with M.O.P./Pre-M.O.P.
  • Eligibility, after 1 month, to join a free parent-run M.O.P. group. 
•M.O.P. tracking calendar and 2-minute animated video (for the M.O.P. group).
•Pre-M.O.P. tracking chart and 2 potty training charts (for the Pre-M.O.P. group).
Which group should I join?

Private Pre-M.O.P.

Support Group

This group is for you if:

  • Your baby or toddler strains to poop and/or does not poop every day.

  • Your potty-training child has been struggling to poop on the toilet.

  • You're seeking advice from Dr. Hodges and other parents as you implement Pre-M.O.P.

  • You're frustrated that nothing — prune juice, fiber, laxatives — has resolved your child's constipation.

Private M.O.P.

Support Group

This group is for you if:
  • Your toilet-trained child has daytime pee accidents, bedwetting, and/or poop accidents.

  • You are considering M.O.P. or are in the M.O.P. process and would like support.

  • You'd like Dr. Hodges to review an x-ray.

  • You physician is not experienced with M.O.P. or is not in favor of the protocol.

  • You're frustrated and could use a boost from parents who've been there!

Private Parents of Teens and Tweens Support Group

This group is for you if:
  • Your child is 10+ and dealing with enuresis or encopresis.

  • You'd like guidance, advice, and support pertaining to teens and older tweens.

  • You've been told for years your child will "outgrow" bedwetting and no longer believe it.


  • You've tried "everything" (alarms, medication, Miralax, restricting liquids) and are ready to try M.O.P.

  • You'd like Dr. Hodges to review an x-ray of your teen/tween.​

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What our support group members are saying!

Our groups are international!


We have members from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Philippines, the UK, and many other countries where X-rays, M.O.P.-related products, and medical support for aggressive enuresis and encopresis treatment can be difficult to come by. Our group will help you navigate this terrain!


Free Support Group Run by Parents!

After belonging to Dr. Hodges' support group for one month, you may join the free group, run by volunteer moms experienced with M.O.P. The group is for parents who no longer need Dr. Hodges' advice but still want support from others in the same boat. For details, email