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Support Group

Membership to Dr. Hodges' private Facebook support group costs $68 and $28/month thereafter.
•Total privacy. The group is hidden and not searchable.
•Unlimited access to Dr. Hodges.
Post questions and X-rays, and receive answers within 24 hrs.
•Empathy and advice from parents experienced with M.O.P.
•Eligibility, after one month, to join our FREE parents-only support group. 
•2-minute animated video
•M.O.P. tracking calendar
Due to the nature of "Subscription" authorization, the Facebook Support Group membership is sold separately from our shopping-cart items.
“The emotional toll is HUGE. It's so much to deal with: the hurt for your child who is embarrassed and sometimes ridiculed, the guilt of maybe not working hard enough to help them, your well-meaning family that keeps giving you suggestions, as though a little more fiber is really gonna fix this.”                       
—posted by a support-group member


How to get the most out of your membership

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Our group is international!


We have members from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Phillippines, the UK, and many other countries where X-rays, M.O.P.-related products, and medical support for aggressive enuresis and encopresis treatment can be difficult to come by. Our group will help you navigate this terrain!

"Our membership has been wonderful and invaluable, and M.O.P. has been a journey that we have been able to achieve from the other side of the world — New Zealand — thanks to the support of this group and Dr. Hodges."

"Knowing I can post questions to Dr. Hodges and get same-day response enabled me to treat my daughter at home without second-guessing myself every step of the way. This outlet supplements the information I receive from her doctors appointments, which are often spaced months apart."

“We’re ready to move on! After 2 years and lots of successes and setbacks, my  son (12) has been dry for 3 months. We could not have gotten through this, if it wasn’t for this group and Dr. Steve Hodges!  I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support."

"The Facebook group provides access to Dr. Hodges with same-day response, helpful advice from other parents, and the general reassurance that we are not alone in our struggles. It has been an invaluable tool along this journey."

"Joining this page and reading what other parents are doing was a game changer. It gave me the confidence to try enemas again with my son. It is amazing not to feel so alone in this struggle anymore."

"Being able to post questions and get same-day feedback from Dr. Hodges and others going through the same thing has been invaluable. The advice received here allowed us to treat our child while waiting for months for a specialist appointment. She didn't have to suffer while we waited!"

"At the beginning of this journey, I felt so alone and abandoned by our pediatrician, misunderstood by our GI, and judged by my family. With lots of trial and error and support from y'all and the parents in the Facebook Group, we dug our way out of extremely persistent constipation. We are so close to the finish line that I'm confident this will be a thing of the past very soon! Thank you for all you do, especially your advocacy work for children being shamed and blamed for wetting and accidents."

From moms who've "graduated" from  the Facebook group:

"Finding this group was like a gift from heaven! My daughter had encopresis and enuresis. After trying PEG for ages  per our doctor, we began M.O.P. and the poop accidents stopped within weeks. We got stalled for a long time with day and night pee accidents so we moved to MOP+ (I was nervous but it was so no biggie). The day accidents stopped. We got stalled for a long time on night accidents so we started Ex-Lax. She has now been dry for 2 weeks! During this process I was constantly having to teach our doctors about M.O.P., and some were open but many were not. I’ve also had to explain to many friends and family members the necessity of enemas and NO they are not “traumatic” and NO they aren’t habit forming and NO she doesn’t just need to eat more fibre. We have come SUCH a long way and my daughter is so proud of herself."


"The Facebook group has been invaluable to me. Having Dr. Hodges read my son's X-rays and knowing other families are out there gave me the push I needed to talk to our doctor again. We are currently on the path to "colon recovery" as I like to call it - cleaned out thanks to . . . M.O.P. and on to the next step of retraining the body and letting things return to normal. Our family doctor is supportive and I am so grateful for that."

"I honestly believe M.O.P. may have saved our family. My 10-year-old son was depressed, and I was so worried about dark emotional times in his future. After starting M.O.P., our life just got better. The accidents lessened (in both frequency and volume), which allowed him to do the normal things he wanted to. Starting M.O.P. also shifted the whole problem to a medical one. Even though we were trying not to scold and blame him, the bottom line is we were. He took a different mind set toward it, and so did we. . .Enemas have allowed him to live a normal life, and this program has gotten him to a point where I’m not worrying about him being depressed for the rest of his life. . . It’s just part of his life; it’s not traumatic at all. That is the one thing I wish I could get across to the doctors that have told me not to do enemas: My son’s life was horrible without enemas. Period. Unless you can give me a better alternative (which they can’t), we’re going to keep doing enemas. I’m not going back to life without them. . . Hang in there, all of you! Look for small improvements, and give your child’s body time to heal. If you’re still in the dark place that I was a couple years ago, big hugs to you. Know that it will get better. Know that you’re doing a good thing for your child. Don’t let any one make you feel bad for trying to help your child."

Free Support Group Run by Parents!

After belonging to Dr. Hodges' support group for one month, you may join the free group, run by volunteer moms experienced with M.O.P. The group is for parents who no longer need Dr. Hodges' advice but still want support from others in the same boat. For details, email

Dr. Hodges' private Facebook group is growing. Join in!

You will gain access to Dr. Hodges and to other parents facing the same challenges. Whether you are thinking about trying M.O.P., are deep into M.O.P.+ or are somewhere in between, you will find a wealth of insight, empathy, and practical advice on our page.
Post questions to Dr. Hodges, and he will answer promptly! You will also gain the support, advice, and empathy of other parents in the same boat. When you purchase access to this page, you will be manually added as a member. The public cannot see any aspect of this page, including members or posts. It is "hidden," not just "private." After the first month, you can purchase additional membership for $28/month.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We will need the email address associated with your Facebook account; if it is different from the email you are using to pay with PayPal, please email Otherwise you will not see your Facebook invitation and will not be able to access the group.