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The M.O.P. Anthology — 4th Edition

Vastly expanded and updated!

Since the 1st edition of The M.O.P. Book was published, in 2014, Dr. Hodges has significantly and continually updated the protocol based on his research and feedback from patients and parents, including hundreds of members of our private Facebook support groups

The 4th edition was informed by the pandemic lockdowns as well. With schools closed, parents were able to escalate treatments in ways that weren’t otherwise possible. The results were instructive!

There is a lot new in the 4th edition!

*IMPORTANT: If you own a previous edition of the Anthology, you are eligible to receive the 4th edition for an upgrade fee of $9.30, a 74% discount. Just email your receipt or a photo of your paperback to, and you will receive a coupon code to purchase the upgrade.

MOP Anthology 4th edition cover.png
M.O.P. Anthology 4th Edition back cover.


FULL COLOR (.pdf) instant download.

Among the 4th edition highlights

• Updated guidance on Ex-Lax/senna. Stimulant laxatives have been a game-changer for many families.

• Expanded guidance on Double M.O.P. (overnight olive-oil or mineral-oil enemas).


• The M.O.P.x protocol — for kids who’ve conquered daytime accidents on M.O.P.+ but can’t get over the bedwetting hump.

• Greatly improved monthly and weekly M.O.P. tracking calendars.


Included in the Anthology: 

•”The Physician’s Guide to M.O.P.,” for parents to give to medical professionals.

•”Answers to 53 Questions About M.O.P.,” a compilation of key posts from our private support groups.

•The introduction to “M.O.P. for Teens and Tweens,” written for middle-school and high-school students.


2 paperback versions of the M.O.P. Anthology on amazon:

Full Color
M.O.P. Anthology Full Color on Amazon
MOP Anthology 4th edition cover.png
Black & White
M.O.P. Anthology Black and White Version
Sold at the Mayo Clinic store!
Introductin to M.O.P. Stop Bedwetting Accidents
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