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If you own a previous edition of the Anthology, you are eligible to receive the 5th edition .pdf for an upgrade fee of $20, a 66% discount.

To receive a coupon code for the 5th edition .pdf, email your receipt or a photo of your paperback to our email

NOTE: We cannot offer coupon codes for the paperback version, as we cannot control amazon pricing. Our discount pertains only to the PDF version.

The M.O.P. Anthology 5th Edition

Completely Updated and Overhauled,
With Essential New Guidance!

The 5th Edition of The M.O.P. Anthology is packed with new recommendations, insights, charts, and guides to help resolve enuresis, encopresis, and chronic constipation more quickly, effectively, and permanently — and with less stress on your family.

What's Included:

A new protocol for the toughest cases, especially teens, highly motivated kids, and children who've experienced relapse.

How to save boatloads of money (and cover the cost of this book!) by making your own liquid glycerin suppositories.

New M.O.P. Cheat Sheets and Guidance. 
Which of the 5 M.O.P. variations is best for your child? We break it all down.

Four essential guides found nowhere else:

The Slow Taper

A more gradual approach to weaning off enemas, to minimize odds of accidents recurring.

Pre-M.O.P. for Accident-Free Kids

A regimen for kids with painful pooping, rectal bleeding or prolapse, and/or stomachaches.

Bladder Botox

Details about this highly effective surgical procedure. Who's a good candidate?


Autism and Accidents

Why children with enuresis and encopresis are often misdiagnosed and what to do.

Q&A with a Psychologist

Dr. Amanda Arthur-Stanley addresses frustration, guilt, and family tension.

New tracking calendars 

We've updated and added to our tracking chart options.

And loads more!

Also Available in Paperback

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The M.O.P. Book_ Anthology Edition_ The Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting, Daytime Enuresis

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The M.O.P. Book_ Anthology Edition_ The Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting, Daytime Enuresis

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