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Autism and Accidents

In autistic children, enuresis (bedwetting and daytime wetting) and encopresis (poop accidents) are often dismissed as “part of the deal” with autism,

so children miss out on effective treatment.

Dr. Hodges discusses treatment for bedwetting and daytime accidents in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine, a podcast interview on Turn Autism Around with Mary Barbera, and in the M.O.P. Anthology.

Our private Facebook support group includes parents of autistic children, and Dr. Hodges has significant experience treating autistic children.

"My youngest son has been free of enuresis and encopresis for years now thanks adherence to M.O.P. starting when he was about 5. He has autism, and when he started having accidents at around 4 years . . . his pediatrician told us airily, “It’s because he’s autistic."


We promptly found a new pediatrician. I did my own research and had the incredible good fortune to come across your work, get buy-in from our son (who met the whole experience with a maturity beyond his years) and convince my husband, who was reluctant at first, then a wholehearted convert.


I can say without exaggeration that our son might not have stopped having accidents without the absolute dedication to M.O.P. of his father and their determination, father and son both, to help each other succeed.


We were on M.O.P. for over a year. It is a quality of life issue, to live free of the fear of accidents and experience all the simple joys that one can never recapture once childhood is in the rear-view mirror."


“Constipation, Autism, and Bedwetting.” article cover.png


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We just went on a 3 day trip, and our daughter had no day time accidents and zero meltdowns. It is super clear to us that this is working. Previously, we didn't know what was wrong, and her doctors implied it was autism/regression.

— Mom of a 9-year-old autistic girl


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