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Bedwetting And Accidents - BOOKS FOR PARENTS


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Pre-MOP Book Cover
The M.O.P. Book

The M.O.P. Book gives you access to everything Dr. Hodges has learned about resolving bedwetting and accidents. The book is based on his published research, his experience treating thousands of patients, and reports from parents in his “toughest cases” Facebook group. Read the table of contents!

M.O.P. works radically better than anything else

— James Sander, MD, Director of Pediatric Urology, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Edinburg, TX

Also Available in Paperback

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To say this protocol was a lifesaver is a understatement.

—Verified amazon purchaser

The M.O.P. Book_ Anthology Edition_ The Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting, Daytime Enuresis

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The M.O.P. Book_ Anthology Edition_ The Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting, Daytime Enuresis

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Pre M.O.P.

Pre-M.O.P. is a regimen that resolves chronic constipation in babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. Pre-M.O.P. is also appropriate for potty-training youngsters who are struggling to poop on the toilet.

Pre-M.O.P. involves laxatives and suppositories. The protocol is designed to prevent very young children with chronic constipation from later developing enuresis (wetting) and/or encopresis (poop accidents).

The premise behind Pre-M.O.P. is simple: Act early, and you can save your child from years of discomfort, distress, and damaged self-esteem, and save yourself from the financial and emotional costs of treating enuresis and encopresis in your child.


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The Pre-M.O.P. Plan Book

Every family dealing with accidents or bedwetting should own this engaging and eye opening books.

Amy McCready, Positive Parenting Solutions books for parents
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