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Pre-M.O.P. for Constipated Babies and Toddlers​

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Early Intervention is Everything

Does your child poop XXL logs or hard "rabbit" pellets? Does your child strain or cry when trying to poop? Hide when pooping or go one or more days without pooping?

These are among the many signs of chronic constipation, a condition that must be treated aggressively, even in babies and toddlers.

Many physicians dismiss constipation in young children as a minor, temporary condition that can be resolved with prune juice, fiber, and an occasional laxative. Nothing to worry about here! She’ll outgrow it!

Use this handy chart to track your child on Pre-M.O.P. Part 5 of The Pre-M.O.P. Plan explains why monitoring is helpful and includes tracking samples.

Tracking Chart
Pre-M.O.P. Tracking Chart Cover

But instead, many of these kids worsen, eventually developing enuresis (daytime or nighttime wetting after potty training) and/or encopresis (chronic poop accidents). The vast majority of Dr. Hodges' teenage patients' toileting troubles can be traced back to constipation before age 3 — constipation that went unrecognized or undertreated.

Pre-M.O.P. resolves chronic constipation in babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. The protocol involves laxatives and suppositories. Read our FAQ's below!

The premise behind Pre-M.O.P. is simple: Act early, and you can save your child from years of discomfort, distress, and damaged self-esteem, and save yourself from the financial and emotional costs of treating enuresis and encopresis in your child.

I wish I hadn’t believed “He’ll grow out of it,” but when you have an otherwise healthy baby, you NEVER think that the infant whose constipation your pediatrician deems “normal” could  turn into a 4 1/2-year-old who never poops on his own and gets an enema every night. I wish I had been all over the constipation when he was a baby.

A a mom quoted in The Pre-M.O.P. Plan

Pre M.O.P. FAQs
  • How often does Dr. Hodges respond to questions on the page?
    Usually (but not always!) within 48 hours. Dr. Hodges is a full-time surgeon and clinician. He makes time between surgeries and clinic appointments to respond to our private Facebook members. He answers as often as he can! Please note that he answers via his phone, so the more concise the question, the easier it is for him to answer.
  • Can I preview the page before I join?
    Nope! The page is not only private; it is also “hidden” from view, so only members can see that the page exists. (Scroll down to see a sampling of recent questions posted.)
  • Can I join more than one group if I have kids in multiple age groups?
    Yes! Please email Suzanne to discuss your situation. Once you pay, she will give you access to the groups that suit your family.
  • Can my spouse be added at no additional cost?
  • What kinds of questions do parents post on the page?
    All kinds! Here’s a sampling of recent questions posted: Help! My daughter has had a setback. Do we have to start M.O.P. all over again? What size enema nozzle is good for a 7-year-old? After 30 days on M.O.P. my child is still wetting nightly; do we need an X-ray? Our pediatrician is 100% opposed to enemas, but nothing she has recommended works. Should we do M.O.P. without her blessing? My son hates Miralax and lactulose. What other laxatives work? Could my son become dependent on suppositories? My son is a severe bedwetter. With M.O.P.+ should be go straight to glycerin or castile soap or start with saline? Has anyone found it useful to work with a psychologist? Does SPD (sensory processing disorder) make accidents harder to treat? My child can’t hold the enema for more than 3 minutes. What can he do? When we did our first large-volume enema, the nozzle came out and sprayed us both with saline. How can we avoid this? Anyone have any experience with anorectal manometry? Dr. Hodges, would you send a letter to my daughter's school telling them to let her go potty as needed? Her teacher is uncooperative. Is it OK to try and potty train my three year old even though she withholds poop? She needs to be trained for preschool. At what point can I expect to see results with M.O.P.?
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    Yes! First, go into your PayPal account and cancel your membership. (Do not "pause" your membership; you need to cancel.) Then, when you are ready to re-join, email and you will receive a special link that allows you to rejoin the group at the monthly rate, without paying the additional first-month fee.
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