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Pre-M. O. P. Plan: How to Resolve Constipation in Babies and Toddlers

How to resolve constipation in babies and toddlers and overcome potty-training struggles.


Chronic constipation in babies and toddlers is misunderstood and woefully under-treated by physicians — prune juice and fiber won’t cut it! As a result, children constipated in early childhood are at high risk for developing enuresis (bedwetting and daytime wetting) and encopresis (poop accidents) during the school-age years. The Pre-M.O.P. regimen — pioneered by Steve Hodges M.D., of Wake Forest University School of Medicine — resolves chronic constipation in children ages 3 and under who are not yet toilet trained as well as children who are struggling with potty training. Physicians call The Pre-M.O.P. Plan “mandatory reading for all parents and pediatric care providers” and “a book that will change lives.” Parents say: “I was in denial, and this book snapped me out of it! "I wish I had known all this when my oldest was a baby!" and “This book confirmed my suspicions! I put it down to give my 2-year-old a suppository!” The Pre-M.O.P. plan involves laxatives and suppositories and is a scaled-down version of the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.), a regimen detailed in The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition and proven to resolve enuresis and encopresis far better than other treatments.

The book covers:

• 18 signs of constipation, some subtle and not well known

• How children so young can become so constipated

• How to implement Pre-M.O.P. without Miralax

• When eliminating cow’s milk is warranted

• Toilet training a child with a history of constipationTreat your child’s constipation with Pre-M.O.P. before toilet training, and your family can avoid potty-training struggles and the emotional and financial toll of treating bedwetting and accidents.

Pre-M. O. P. Plan: How to Resolve Constipation in Babies and Toddlers

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