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Bedwetting And Accidents BOOKS FOR KIDS

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Emma Kindle

Fiction, Ages 8 to 12

Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault Picture Book for Kids

Fiction, Ages 4 to 9

Jane and the Giant Poop Picture Book for Kids

Rhyming Fiction, Ages 3 to 7

MOP for Teens and Tweens

Informational, Ages 10 to 18

Dr. Pooper Activity Book and Poop Calendar for Kids

Activities, Ages 3 to 10

The illustrations are so much fun they remove any possible embarrassment, and the tone is friendly and supportive.

Laura Markham, Ph.D., author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and founder of

This entertaining, conversational story shows kids with enuresis and encopresis they’re not alone.
Emma and The E Club Intro
Emma and The E Club Praise from Medical Professionals

Emma is an extrovert and a word enthusiast — she’s collected 1,056 E words, to be exact. Emma also happens to have enuresis and encopresis. For years, Emma’s accidents were an enigma—a.k.a. a mystery. But one epic day, the eccentric Dr. Pooper enlightens her. Suddenly, everything makes sense: her bedwetting, her stomachaches, her entire life. 


When Emma discovers Charlotte has enuresis, too, together they establish the E Club. They even entice Lucas to join, no easy endeavor. The club’s mission is to eradicate—a.k.a. wipe out—enuresis and encopresis, so no kid ever has to wear pull-ups to a sleepover. 


But how? Emma Easly has a plan.

Emma And The E Club Chapter 1 

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One of the best books I’ve ever read! It made me feel so much better about my situation.

- Risa Age of 9

Emma & The E Club BookLife Review
Publishers Weekly BookLife Review!
Jane and the Giant Poop

The world’s funniest — and most educational — book about healthy pooping. The book stars Jane, a karate enthusiast who hasn’t been her sunny self lately. When her giant poop clogs the toilet, Jane visits the ever-goofy Dr. Pooper and learns why her belly has been aching. Soon, Jane becomes an expert about poop in all its shapes — pebbles, logs, globs, milkshakes, and cow patties. Her poop turns mush and then the toilet will flush!

Jane and the Giant Poop Book for Kids
Illustration Sample page of Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault Book

Terrific! The illustrations and humor are priceless.

— Angelique Champeau, CPNP, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

An activity book about about constipation?


Heck yeah!


Being clogged up is no fun, but learning about healthy pooping and peeing actually can be. Dr. Pooper’s Activity Book and Poop Calendar for Kids features 100+ games, puzzles, and drawing activities that will entertain and challenge kids of all ages dealing with constipation, bedwetting, or daytime accidents.


The book helps children realize that lots of kids deal with potty problems and peeing and pooping are just a regular part of life. It features eight 7-day charts for kids to track the shape and frequency of their poops. Bonus: Recipes from!

Dr. Pooper Activity Book fo Kids
sample page Dr. Pooper Activity Book fo Kids

This book is so clever! My 6-year-old loves word searches and mazes and had tons of fun with this. The surprise was that my 10-year-old, who isn't even constipated, loved the Rhyme It and Wordfinder games.

— Mom of two girls

Dr. Pooper

Children dealing with accidents need compassion, encouragement, and an understanding of what’s happening in their bodies. With its clever, engaging illustrations, Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault simplifies the concepts in The M.O.P. Book while respecting children’s intelligence and feelings.


You will find the book especially helpful if:

  • Your child needs encouragement to take laxatives, undergo enemas, wear a potty watch, or use the toilet more frequently

  • Your child feels embarrassed about bedwetting or accidents

  • You need a simple way to explain how constipation causes accidents

Bedwetting Accidents Aren't Your Fault - example page
Sample page of Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault Book
Bedwetting & Accidents


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MOP for Teens and Tweens

The book explained everything without making me feel uncomfortable.

— 15-year-old girl on M.O.P.

M.O.P. for Teens and Tweens is written for middle-school and high-school students with enuresis and/or encopresis.


This unique guide answers questions such as:

•How many other teenagers have enuresis?.
•Why didn’t I outgrow this when other kids did?
•How did I end up constipated in the first place?
•Why didn’t anyone notice I was constipated?
•How long will it take for my accidents to stop?

•What is it like to be on M.O.P.?

Includes a tracking chart designed for teens, plus tons of encouragement from Dr. Hodges and other teens who've been through M.O.P.
Teen Tracker

This book is the perfect combination of hope and reality.

— 14-year-old boy who has been through M.O.P.

Teens and Tweens

When my daughter felt frustrated with accidents, we'd get this book out and read about her body and what was happening. It was very empowering.

— Email to Dr. Hodges

Fantastic! This book helped our daughter be calm and prepared for getting an enema.

— Amazon reviewer

The book should receive a children’s education award, for clear yet engaging science communication!!

— Member of our private support group

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