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The M.O.P. Kickstart Guide

The Mental Health Professional’s Guide  book cover

Mental Health Professional's Guide - To Enuresis & Encopresis

Here’s how psychologists, family therapists,
social workers, and school counselors can help.

Early Intervention is Everything Infogra

Early Intervention is Everything

12 Signs Your Child is Constipated

Constipation in children is easily missed because most adults don’t know what to look for. Everyone knows a kid who poops once a week is constipated. But a child who constantly pees or who poops three times a day might also be clogged up.

12 Signs Constipated Download

4 Truths About Bedwetting

Virtually every bedwetting patient in Dr. Hodges' clinic was assured by a pediatrician or urologist that on some magical day in the future, he or she would “outgrow” the bedwetting. Truth is, for some children that day will never come. This infographic urges early and aggressive treatment for children who have daytime accidents and/or bedwetting.

4 MiraLAX Facts You Didn't Know

Doctors rely far too heavily on PEG 3350, sold as MiraLAX or (in the UK) Movicol. While this popular laxative can be helpful, it's inadequate for many children. And if you worry about MiraLAX safety, you can easily find effective alternatives. This download spells out the 4 most important facts about PEG 3350.

9 Kid-Tested Ways to Make Enemas Less Scary

Many children are — understandably — afraid of having enemas, and many parents are — understandably — afraid of administering them. The graphic is based on our popular blog post "11 Ways to Ease Your Child's Fear of Enemas," which explores these and additional ideas in depth.

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Constipation is the #1 Cause of Bedwetting

"He's just a deep sleeper," "Her bladder hasn't caught up to her brain," and "He overproduces urine" — those are just a few of the unfounded reasons typically tossed out to explain bedwetting. In fact, almost all cases are caused by constipation. This graphic explains what happens.

#1 Cause of Bedwetting Download

When to X-ray a Child for Constipation

X-raying is the most reliable method of detecting constipation, yet most doctors rely on inaccurate detection methods like feeling a child's belly or asking how often the child poops. This guide explains when X-rays for constipation are warranted and how to read a film accurately for constipation. Safety concerns are also discussed.

7 CRAZY IMPORTANT Rules for Potty Training Success

Most tips for potty-training “success” focus on motivating and rewarding the child, ignoring whether the child is developing unhealthy toileting habits that may plague her to adulthood. Potty training isn’t a pursuit with a finish line! Everything can unravel, even years down the line. Follow these 7 rules, and it's highly unlikely your child well ever set foot in a pediatric urology clinic.

8 Potty Tips for Preschool Teachers

Preschool is prime time for children to become poop and pee holders, habits that can plague them for a lifetime. This infographic is a must for all preschool teachers, whether their students are toilet trained or just learning.

poop chart.png

My Poop Chart

Do you know if your child is pooping pellets, logs, or bumpy sausages? You should! Because those variations of poop indicate a child is constipated. But if your child’s poop resembles soft-serve ice cream, mushy blobs, or thin snakes, all is well. Hang the chart on the bathroom wall!

As a pediatrician, I talk about poop with my patients’ families every day! Kids can better describe their poops and learn about healthy stooling using the handy My Poop Chart infographic.

– Shelly Vaziri Flais, M.D., co-editor of The Big Book of Symptoms and author of Raising Twins

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