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“Time flew by. Amazing resources. Best course I've taken in years!"

Advanced Treatment of Enuresis and Encopresis With M.O.P.

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Steve Hodges, M.D.

Associate Professor of Pediatric Urology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Originally a live, 6-hour Zoom presentation, the course is now available for viewing at your convenience, one section at a time.

Course fee: $240

Includes the M.O.P. Anthology 4th Edition,

plus other books and guides in .PDF form.

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Seeking more expertise in treating bedwetting and daytime accidents and reading x-rays for constipation?

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"An excellent presenter!"
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Our course is hosted on Teachable by Dawn Sandalcidi, PT, the leading expert in pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy and a proponent of M.O.P. Learn about Dawn's other courses at Kids Bowel Bladder.


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Knowledge of the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.) will give you a leg up in resolving enuresis and encopresis, conditions commonly misunderstood and undertreated. The course covers, in depth, the protocol's variations, nuances, and scientific backing.


Topics include:

•Accurately reading x-rays

•Responding when physicians call enemas “unsafe,” “traumatic,” or “overly aggressive”

•Enema selection: phosphate, LGS, bisacodyl, large volume with stimulants

•The role of osmotic laxatives: PEG 3350, lactulose, magnesium hydroxide/citrate,

•The role of Ex-Lax/senna

•Advanced therapies: bladder meds, Peristeen Pump, bladder Botox


The M.O.P. Anthology is a pre-requesite and is included with enrollment.


"My goal is to teach you everything I know about M.O.P. in 6 hours.”

                                                                                      The course aims to offer health professionals the tools and confidence to guide families through treatment of enuresis and/or encopresis. All are welcome: MDs, PTs, NPs, RNs, OTs,  psychology professionals, and others.

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How constipated is this child?

Watch Dr. Hodges analyze a variety of x-rays, and learn why KUBs are so useful yet are often misconstrued.

Section 1 covers:

•When x-rays are warranted

•X-ray v. ultrasound

•Measuring rectal diameter

•Accurately reading a KUB

•Spotting the "O'Regan sign"

•Why Rome criteria, Bristol scale, and other methods fall short

Overseas professionals are strongly encouraged to enroll!

"Thanks! It was well worth getting up at 3 a.m. in New Zealand to attend."

32% of families who purchase our books live outside the United States. There is a tremendous global need for expertise in treatment of enuresis and encopresis.


Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa , and the U.K. are among the countries represented by our participants!

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Question: Overall, how would you rate the course quality and content?

"Detailed practical information on the safety of MOP and how to implement was extremely helpful."

"It's not an easy path getting other health professionals on board - this course would definitely help."

Question: How would you rate Dr. Hodges' presentation style?

"So easy to listen to and engage with! I did not feel hesitant to ask questions! Time flew by. Amazing resources. Best course I've taken in years."


"Dr. Hodges is relaxed and very passionate about the topic."


"Very informative. A bit fast, but there was a lot of information. Engaged with the participants and their questions, which I appreciated."

"All good - thank you for being happy to answer so many questions."

Question: What 3 nuggets of information did you find most useful?

•How to read an X-ray

•Osmotic v. stimulant laxatives

•Different enema types

•Helping parents with enema anxiety

•M.O.P.+ vs. M.O.P.x vs. Double M.O.P.

•Bladder Botox treatment

•Case studies

•Homemade enema options

•Options beyond M.O.P.