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Tired of waiting for your child to outgrow bedwetting or daytime accidents?

"M.O.P. saved my sanity and my daughter's self-esteem."
Marta Bermudez, Sugar Land, Texas
"Our pediatrician couldn't help us, but The  M.O.P. Book did. Now my son is accident free."
Lucia Gonzalez, Monterrey, Mexico
"This is for parents who are willing to learn anything, jump through any hoop, read peer-reviewed articles, question doctors again and again, and . . . pursue an actual cure."
-amazon review

Steve Hodges, M.D.,

Associate Professor of Pediatric Urology

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Expert in enuresis, encopresis, and toilet training

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"This group is my lifeline!" is a resource for parents, medical professionals, therapists, and teachers — anyone seeking to help children with toileting problems. Our project is run jointly by pediatric urologist Steve Hodges, M.D., and health/parenting author Suzanne Schlosberg.

Our guidance is based on the proven premise that virtually all toileting troubles are caused by chronic constipation.

In other words, enuresis (wetting) and encopresis (poop accidents) are not a mystery or a normal part of childhood, and they are not caused by behavior problems, “deep sleep,” an underdeveloped bladder, or stress. When you unclog a child’s stool-filled rectum and keep it clear — letting it shrink back to size and regain tone and sensation — accidents resolve.

Our unique materials respect children's feelings and intelligence and are grounded in rigorous scientific research.

What we offer:


"Our daughter wet her pants all day and was so stressed and sad. Now she is a different girl.

She is so happy."

"If you're going through this with your kiddo, you'll get through it. But you don't have to do it alone. This site has amazing support with a community where you can ask questions, vent and celebrate. The doctor and you'll actually reply to your questions. Y'all this works. Our NP is

blown away."

"My 5-year-old went from pooping and peeing her pants daily and soaking a pull-up every night to not even needing one at night or having a single daytime accident. Cannot thank you enough for M.O.P. Our pediatrician was very impressed."
"Hooray! All poop accidents have been completely gone for a couple of weeks. . . My son's demeanor, appetite, and quality of life are vastly improved. I don't know what we would have done without M.O.P. - probably pumped him full of laxatives to no avail."

"Doctors called my daughter's bedwetting a "brain" thing or a control issue. I knew it was neither, because I could see how devastated she was. Turns out she was hella constipated. M.O.P. CHANGED OUR LIVES. She is now accident-free, and I see her confidence returning. I am so thankful."

"Cannot thank you enough for M.O.P. Our pediatrician was

very impressed!"

"We feel like this program has been a miracle. Our daughter is happy and the energy/feeling in the house has changed, as we are not ruled by soiling."

“My son hasn’t had a single accident at school since starting kindergarten. HUGE WIN! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best advocate for children struggling with enuresis and encopresis in the U.S. and maybe the world!”


Start here for guidance based on your child's symptoms.

Dr. Hodges’ Facebook Support Group

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  • 1-month membership to Dr. Hodges' private Facebook support group ($28/month thereafter)

  • 2-minute animated video

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  • Guidance on implementing M.O.P.

  • Entree after 1 month into FREE parent-to-parent support group

Consult with Dr. Hodges

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Yes, we do international consults!


  • 30-minute Facetime, Skype or phone consult with Dr. Hodges

  • Includes X-ray review 

  • 2-minute animated video 

  • M.O.P. Tracker 

Ideal if your doctor is unfamiliar with or opposed to M.O.P.

Everything you need — instantly! —

to start your child on M.O.P.


  • The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition (PDF)​

  • Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault (PDF)

  • M.O.P. Tracking Calendar (PDF)​

  • Jane and the Giant Poop

  • 2-minute Animated Video

  • Complete Physician’s Guide to M.O.P.

Do It Yourself

Read Our Unique Children's Books

Cleverly illustrated picture books that respect children's feelings and intelligence and are grounded in rigorous scientific research.

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To discuss your child's situation with Dr. Hodges, you can become a member of our private Facebook support group or schedule a Facetime or phone consultation.

Steve Hodges, M.D.

Associate Professor of Pediatric Urology,

Wake Forest University Medical Center

Suzanne Schlosberg

Health and parenting writer