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M.O.P. for Teens and Tweens

Did you know teenage bedwetting is more common than autism?

That's right. About 1 in 50 teens have enuresis. About 1 in 54 kids have autism. But bedwetting in older kids carries such a stigma that you never hear about it.

Teens with bedwetting and/or daytime accidents have a treatable condition that simply has not been treated properly. Instead, these kids are assured, year after year, “Don’t worry, you’ll outgrow it.”


Of course they worry!

We can help. It is absolutely NOT too late to successfully enuresis and encopresis in teens.

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M.O.P. for Teens and Tweens: The Science-Based Way to STOP Bedwetting for Teens and Tweens


"My son is 14. Your teen book made a huge difference with his complete buy-in to M.O.P."
  —Member of our private FB support group for parents of teens

Where to Begin

1. Read our FAQ for teens and tweens.

2. Read this article: Teenage Bedwetting: Everything You've Been Told is Wrong

3. Purchase M.O.P. for Teens and Tweens for your child.

4. Read the M.O.P. Anthology.

5. Join our private support group for parents of kids ages 10 to 18.

Facebook Support Groups

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