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M.O.P. is an enema-based regimen that resolves bedwetting, daytime pee accidents (enuresis), and poop accidents (encopresis) far better than medication, Miralax, alarms, or any other method. M.O.P. is endorsed by experts at Mayo Clinic's pediatric urology department.
This page offers an introductory FAQ. For support implementing M.O.P., from Dr. Hodges and other parents, join our wonderful private support group.
This 30-second video explains why M.O.P. works.

The M.O.P. Progression Chart

M.O.P. is more of a process than a strict protocol and involves trial and error.

This chart spells out the various permutations of M.O.P, including M.O.P.+, Double M.O.P., and Super M.O.P.

Download to learn M.O.P. terms!

You'll find the details in The M.O.P. Book:  Anthology Edition 

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