Enema Rescue


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12 Signs Your Child

is Constipated

12 Signs Your Child is Constipated

4 Truths About Bedwetting

Physician's Guide

to MOP

4 MiraLAX Facts

You Didn't Know 

4 MiraLAX Facts You Didn't Know

9 Kid-Tested Ways to Make Enemas Less Scary

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Constipation is the #1 Cause of Bedwetting

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7 SUPER IMPORTANT Rules for Potty Training Success

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8 Potty Tips for

Preschool Teachers

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Early Intervention

is Everything

Early Intervention is Everything Infogra

Six 30-Day M.O.P.

Tracking Calendars

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Four weekly M.O.P. Tracking Calendars

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Tracking Chart

Pre-M.O.P. Tracking Chart Cover


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Letter to preschool directors & teachers

Pre-M.O.P. Letter
“As a pediatrician, I talk about poop with my patients’ families every day! Kids can better describe their poops and learn about healthy stooling using the handy My Poop Chart infographic.”


     – Shelly Vaziri Flais, M.D., co-editor of The Big Book of Symptoms and author of Raising Twins