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The J-M.O.P. Cheat Sheet


The M.O.P.
Maestro Guide


The Mental Health Professional's Guide

The Mental Health  Professional’s Guide  book cover

The M.O.P.
Kickstart Guide

Kickstarter Guide

Enema Rescue Guide

Rescue Guide

The Physician's
to MOP

Physicians Guide

K-12 Teacher's Packet


30-day M.O.P.
Tracking Calendar

30-day M.O.P. Tracking Calendar

Tracking Calendar

Multi-M.O.P. Tracker

Weekly M.O.P.
Tracking Calendars

Four weekly M.O.P. Tracking Calendars

Teen M.O.P. Tracker

Teen M.O.P. Tracker

Monthly Potty-Training Chart

Potty Training Chart

Weekly Potty-Training Chart

Weekly Potty Chart Cover


Tracking Chart

Pre-M.O.P. Tracking Chart Cover

9 Kid-Tested Ways to Make Enemas Less Scary

Less Scary Infographic

8 Potty Tips for

Preschool Teachers

8 Potty Tips for Preschool Teachers

Constipation #1 Cause

#1 Cause

4 MiraLAX Facts

You Didn't Know 

4 MiraLAX Facts You Didn't Know

Early Intervention

is Everything

Early Intervention is Everything Infogra

7 SUPER IMPORTANT Rules for Potty Training Success

7 Rules Booklet

4 Truths About Bedwetting

4 Truths About Bedwetting

12 Signs Your Child

is Constipated

12 Signs Your Child is Constipated

Letter to Preschool Directors & Teachers

Pre-M.O.P. Letter

The M.O.P. Parent’s Guide to Advocating for Your Child at School

School Guide

J-M.O.P. Tracker

J-MOP Tracker

Multi-M.O.P. Cheat Sheet

Updated Multi-M.O.P. Cheat Sheet
Understanding M.O.P.

Enjoy a  2 minute animated video

A Message From Dr. Hodges to Your Child

As a pediatrician, I talk about poop with my patients’ families every day! Kids can better describe their poops and learn about healthy stooling using the handy My Poop Chart infographic.

– Shelly Vaziri Flais, M.D., Co-editor of The Big Book of Symptoms and author of Raising Twins

Shelly Vaziri Flais, M.D.
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