Potty-Training Mom Smears Poop on Son's Face: This Doctor Isn't Shocked

“I wiped poop on my son's face tonight. I don’t feel bad either.” That apparently is how one Oklahoma mom handled (literally) her 4-year-old’s latest poop accident, in an incident she posted on Facebook. The backlash was so harsh that she closed her Facebook account. I’m glad her post provoked outrage, but in truth, this is just an extreme version of a scenario that plays out all the time: children getting blamed for accidents. In my decade treating children with enuresis (pee accidents) and encopresis (poop accidents), I’ve seen kids shamed by their parents right in my exam room. “He’s just being lazy” or “She’s old enough to know better” or “He’s doing it for attention. There’s no way a 10

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