Has Your Constipated Child Achieved the "Spontaneous Poop"?

Has your child achieved the vaunted “spontaneous poop”? That’s a hot topic in our private Facebook support group! “Spontaneous poop” is a term I use often in The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition, and it’s worth further discussion. By “spontaneous poop” I mean a bowel movement that is not preceded by an enema — one that the child feels coming on and “just happens.” One goal for children on the Modified O’Regan Protocol is to spontaneously poop every day. Why is this important? Well, every human being should poop daily, and kids who have daytime and/or nighttime accidents are extremely backed up, harboring enough poop for (at least) two bowel movements a day. So, if they’re only pooping after th

The Second Worst Thing a Doctor Can Do About Bedwetting

The very worst thing a doctor can do to a child who wets the bed is to shame or blame the patient. Sadly, this happens all the time, which is why I wrote Bedwetting and Accidents Aren’t Your Fault. Many physicians believe accidents are caused by “attention seeking” or “laziness” and refer their patients, especially older kids, to psychologists. By the time kids like these end up in my clinic, they’re plenty demoralized. But the second worst thing a doctor to a bedwetting patient is to normalize the accidents. These days, “bedwetting is normal” has become a mantra among physicians, overtaking “your child is acting out.” This is progress, but it’s still disconcerting, because bedwetting — whil

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