Nighttime Potty Training Is Not a Thing

The world is full of products and strategies available to help your child potty train at night. This would be good news for families, except for this: nighttime “potty training” is not a thing! You cannot “train” your child to achieve dryness overnight any more than you can — or should — train your baby to crawl or train your toddler to walk. Overnight dryness happens naturally, typically by age 4. If it doesn’t happen, this likely means your child is constipated — that the child’s stool-stuffed rectum is pressing against and aggravating the bladder, making it impossible for the child to stay dry overnight. You can stop the bedwetting by resolving the underlying constipation, but you can’t o

STOP Bedwetting Forever With M.O.P.: An Online Course to Help Your Child

I’m always fine-tuning my treatment approach for bedwetting and accidents. Based on feedback from patients and parents, I’ve made numerous changes to the Modified O’Regan Protocol — for example, introducing Double M.O.P. (oil-retention enemas) and extending the recommended dryness period before tapering, from 5 days to at least 7 days. Changes like these are a big reason I created an online course, STOP Bedwetting Forever with M.O.P., via Updating a book every month would be cumbersome and prohibitively expensive, but Teachable makes it easy to revise the lessons in a timely manner. The course will always reflect my most current thinking on the treatment of enuresis and encopr

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