5 Ways to Manage Your Child's Constipation and Bedwetting Treatment on Vacation

Even the world’s best-pooping kids can get constipated while traveling, what with the changes in routine, unfamiliar toilets, long stretches in the car, and more ice cream and less broccoli than usual. For children prone to constipation, travel almost inevitably leads to clogged pipes. And if your child is on the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.) for bedwetting and accidents — well, a spring break visit to Grandma’s or a summer camping trip poses a whole range of challenges and concerns. As one mom in our private Facebook support group posted: “If we skip enemas for a week but continue laxatives, will that set us back to square one?” Another mom, whose daughter is on M.O.P.+ (large-volume e

Constipation Q&A: Enema Dependence, Miralax, and Bedwetting Meds

Here's our latest round of questions about the Modified O'Regan Protocol (M.O.P.), weaning off Miralax, the "spontaneous poop," and bedwetting medications. Q: Our 5-year-old is 60 days into M.O.P., and her urgency to pee and daytime pee accidents improved immediately. But she still wets at night and doesn’t poop other than after an enema. Our pediatrician wonders: Could daily enemas cause her to become “lazy,” relying on them to poop? A: Nope, enema dependence is a myth, as I explain in our free download, The Physician’s Guide to M.O.P. Print it out and hand it to your doctor! In a child who has accidents, the rectum has become so stretched that it has lost the ability to fully contract and

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