"Should I Give Ex-Lax to My Constipated Child?"

I get a lot of questions about Ex-Lax. Parents want to know: What's the difference between Ex-Lax and Miralax? Can Ex-Lax substitute for enemas? How much Ex-Lax can I safely give my child? How many hours does it take to kick in? Ex-Lax is not a standard part of the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.), the regimen I recommend for treating bedwetting and accidents. M.O.P. combines enemas and osmotic laxatives, a combination I have found resolves enuresis and encopresis better than any other treatment. However, Ex-Lax can be a helpful adjunct to M.O.P., and I have added it as an option on the M.O.P. Progression chart. For some children on M.O.P., Ex-Lax turns out to be the missing ingredient for

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