An 11-Year-Old Bedwetting Patient, A Lucky Mistake, and a “Wow” Moment

The other day, a fortuitous mistake at my pediatric urology clinic sparked a “Wow!” moment for me. The patient, referred to me by her pediatrician, was an 11-year-old girl with daily bedwetting, daytime accidents, and severe belly pain. The pediatrician reasonably assumed constipation was causing the girl’s symptoms and prescribed the regimen most doctors favor: Miralax. And more Miralax. When that didn’t work — as it usually doesn’t! — he sent her to me. But here’s the interesting part: Before referring the girl, the pediatrician ordered a CT scan of her abdomen. Apparently, he was seeking to rule out appendicitis as a cause of the belly pain. In my clinic we generally don't do CT scans; in

“Early intervention is everything”: Don’t Wait to Treat Your Child for Enuresis or Encopresis

Doctors routinely dismiss bedwetting and daytime accidents as “normal,” assure parents their kids will outgrow the accidents, and discourage families from pursuing treatment more aggressive than Miralax. The problem with this advice: It makes matters worse. In reality, bedwetting and daytime accidents — while certainly common — are not normal, and you cannot assume your child will outgrow these medical conditions. Enuresis (pee accidents) and encopresis (poop accidents) resolve much more easily when a child is 4 than when she is 14. I know — I have plenty of teenage patients whose obvious symptoms were ignored for years by medical professionals. The longer a child’s rectum has been stretched

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