Bedwetting, anxiety, x-rays, withholding — your constipation questions answered!

Based on feedback from parents, we’ve recently added two age-based private support groups for parents of kids dealing with chronic constipation, bedwetting, and/or accidents: a Tween/Teen group (for parents of kids ages 10+) and a Pre-M.O.P./Potty Training group. If you’re wondering what sorts of questions parents post in our groups, here is a recent sampling. In the answer section, I haven’t included responses from other parents, but input from other folks in the same boat — many of them very well versed in the Modified O'Regan Protocol — may be the most valuable aspect of our groups! Also, know that members of either of our new groups can gain access to our original enuresis/encopresis sup

13 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Enemas

Parents ask me all the time: How can I get my child on board with enemas? She’s terrified. Or, they’ll say: I get that enemas are the best treatment for bedwetting and accidents, but there’s NO WAY my child will agree to them. What alternatives should we try? Or: We did one enema, it did not go well! My child said it hurt and won’t try it again. Now what? First off, no one is excited about the prospect of daily enemas — that’s a given! Upon learning of the Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.), which involves daily enemas, pretty much all parents assume their child won’t go for it. Enemas seem so extreme and invasive, that they dismiss the idea outright, often before even consulting their child

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