Constipation and Covid-19: With School Closed, Some Kids Are Pooping More

As a dad, I’m dismayed by all the learning and dance practices and socializing my girls are missing out on these days, not to mention the insane amount of screen time happening at my house. My youngest watched all nine Star Wars movies in two days! But as a doctor and researcher, I’m intrigued by a silver lining school closures have brought: insight into the pooping habits of constipated kids. While media outlets obsess over our society’s new cooking habits (everyone’s baking bread!) and cell phone habits (we’ve rediscovered the phone call!), I’ve been interested in how our new way of life has affected children working to resolve bedwetting and accidents. For years I’ve written about how sch

Q&A with Dr. Hodges: Autism and Bedwetting Treatment, Dosing Ex-Lax for Kids, and Lots More

Our Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t have many upsides, but one of them is that I now have time for weekly Facebook Live sessions with members of our three private support groups. Parents have asked some excellent questions during these sessions! I'm including seven of them here (edited for clarity). Among the topics: bedwetting treatment for kids on the autism spectrum, Ex-Lax timing and dosing, store-bought vs. homemade enemas, and when to taper from daily enemas on M.O.P. (the Modified O’Regan Protocol). A mom who participated in Facebook Live offered her own “silver lining” to being quarantined: “being able to be more flexible and attentive to my kid’s poop issues!” I hope you can use the infor

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