A Doctor Weighs in on Kristen Bell and Celebrity Potty Shaming

OK, here I go. I’m about to weigh in — as a dad and a pediatric urologist — on the Kristen Bell/diaper brouhaha. To recap: In her latest episode of Momsplaining, the Frozen star mused about the differences in potty training her two girls, revealing that her younger daughter, Delta, “is 5 ½ and still in diapers.” Naturally, the universe went berserk. Many folks did not hold back in lambasting Bell. “If a 5 yr old is still in diapers,” one grandma tweeted, “that is a lazy or negligent mother.” Others praised Bell’s honesty and patience. “Thank you for educating others about developmental differences,” one mom wrote. Following the initial hysteria, Bell clarified that Delta only wears diapers a

Potty training during a pandemic is not a good idea!

A pandemic is an awesome time to clean out your garage (I did that!) or learn 59 ways to cook an egg (I'm too lazy). But the fact that you’re stuck at home doesn’t make it a good time to toilet train your toddler. Yet apparently everyone’s doing it. “The most obvious reason is, we’re all home,” one potty-training consultant told a Florida morning show. “You have the time to slow down and be consistent.” In an article titled “Potty Training is the Latest Trend for Parents in Coronavirus Quarantine,” moms say they’re “turning lemons into lemonade.” Yet another mom argues toilet training now could “accelerate your toddler’s potty-training trajectory.” She asks: “Why not make the most of your ti

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