No, Kristen Bell is Not "Too Lazy" to Potty Train Her Daughter

Usually I ignore potty-training articles I disagree with, but sometimes an “expert” promotes ideas so outrageous — so harmful to children and parents — that I feel compelled to respond. Such is the case with psychologist John Rosemond’s recent article, “Potty-training should be complete by 30 months.” Not only is Rosemond wrong about that, but his advice, if heeded, will put children at elevated risk for chronic constipation, enuresis (bedwetting and daytime pee accidents), and encopresis (poop accidents) — conditions I treat every day. I wish he’d stop the moralizing and get a grip on how the human body works. Rosemond’s article was prompted by Kristen Bell’s revelation that her 5-year-old

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