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What Every Parent Should Know About Bedwetting, Accidents, and Potty Training

By Steve Hodges, M.D.

bedwetting myths

As far as I know, no mom has ever tweeted: Wet sheets again for Kyle. Whole family is exhausted. #WishBedwettingWouldStop

Toileting problems aren’t openly discussed in our culture. But in my pediatric urology clinic, they’re what I talk about all day long — with distressed parents and with kids who miss out on sleepovers and feel crummy that they can’t stay dry.

Most of these families have been led to believe that: a) accidents and bedwetting are a normal part of childhood, and b) they need to wait it out.

Both notions are wrong. Truly, most of what parents and even many pediatricians believe about toileting troubles is not based in fact.

Here’s the real poop…

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