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Autism and Constipation: Can Constipation Cause Potty Training Accidents?

"Bedwetting, daytime wetting, poop accidents, and delayed potty training are all written off as part of autism," Dr. Hodges tells Dr. Mary Barbera on the Turn Autism Around Podcast. But this is a misconception! In reality, enuresis and encopresis are caused by chronic constipation, whether the child is autistic or not. As a result of this misconception, autistic children often miss out on timely and effective treatment. By the time they land in a clinic such as Dr. Hodges', their condition has been overlooked for so long that tend to have more severe constipation than other patients their age. But chronic constipation, enuresis, and encopresis are highly treatable, as Dr. Hodges explains in this eye-opening interview. A must-listen!


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