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The Brainy Moms Talk Bedwetting and Constipation with Dr. Steve Hodges

In a lively interview with Dr. Hodges, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore and cognitive specialist Sandy Zamalis of the Brainy Moms podcast talk bedwetting, potty training, constipation, Miralax, enemas, x-rays, autism, bladder Botox, and tons more. Here's how the Brainy Moms describe the interview:

Forget everything you think you know about bedwetting, poop accidents, and potty training. Dr. Steve Hodges . . . drops some serious truth bombs about what’s really going on with most kids and teens who have accidents. (HINT: It’s not about bad behavior, deep sleep, or an underdeveloped bladder…and it’s never the kid’s fault.) You’ll hear what he stumbled upon during surgery as a pediatric urologist, what he recommends that parents do and don’t do, and why we’ve missed the mark on accidents for so many years. Learn what myths to let go of and the latest ways to treat bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and poop accidents, as well as things to consider during potty training. LISTEN HERE.


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