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  • By Steve Hodges, M.D.

No, Your Child Won’t Become Dependent On Enemas

Enemas are not habit forming for children

The following question was posed during a free webinar on bedwetting and accidents that Dr. Hodges presented with Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions. You can listen to the webinar here.

Nope, enemas aren’t habit forming! Quite the opposite — they are important for shrinking a stretched-out rectum back to size.

Q: Can a child’s body become dependent on enemas for pooping? I’m afraid if we start my son on enemas, we won’t be able to stop.

A: Don’t worry — your child won’t become dependent on enemas! But he may well end up with more severe problems if you avoid enemas.

If your child’s rectum is stretched out and not emptying well, and you never treat the problem, your child may be at risk for life-long bowel problems. Our enema regimen (detailed in It’s No Accident) will enable your son’s rectum to shrink back to normal size. Your son will then be able to better sense when his rectum is full, and his rectum will have the tone and strength to empty more completely.

A body can only become dependent on laxatives if they are used when the body doesn’t need them. But a child who is chronically constipated needs them!

If you worry about the safety of enemas or whether your child will agree to the regimen, read our blog posts “Don’t Be Afraid to Give Your Child an Enema” and “Yes, Enemas Are Safe for Children — And They Work Better Than MiraLAX.” B

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